GAN is pleased to host the 2023 Annual Barbara Dick Lecture

on Saturday 4th March 2023, 10.15am – 3.15pm.

Title: Decolonizing Group Analysis: Extending the Reach and Relevance.

Presented by Dr Suryia Nayak

The lecture will be an online event

The social unconscious is implicated within historical social forces of colonization. Just as we are all formed within a historical collective social unconscious, so is the practice and theory of Group Analysis. This not only points to the political nature of Group Analysis but that Group analysis is inevitably implicated in colonial dynamics. The Institute of Group Analysis working group on Power, Privilege and Position in Group Analysis point to the need to bring awareness of assumptions about what and who is at the ‘center’; to examine what and who is not included; to incorporate an examination of how responsive we are to all marginalized groups; and to foster an intersectional framing.

Considerations of the reach and relevance of Group Analysis in the landscape of intersectional racism need to proactively address the unavoidable influence of colonial power relations.  Examples of questions that will be considered in the GAN Annual Barbara Dick Lecture 2023 are:

  • How does colonization manifest in the teaching, practice, and theory of Group Analysis?
  • What proactive positive actions can be taken to tackle the machinations of colonization in Group Analysis?
  • How can Allyship function as an arduous practice of positive action to counter the forces of colonization?

We are all on a journey in understanding and applying intersectional decolonization. Changing configurations of power, privilege and positionality influence our experience of the journey which means that collaboration, consultation, and engagement is complex. Holding and inculcating a sense of ownership and belonging to the shared project of decolonization requires reciprocity, sitting with discomfort and creating spaces of safety for dialogue.

Speaker Bio:

Dr Suryia Nayak is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at University of Salford. Suryia is a qualified social worker and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, supervisor, and Group Analyst. For over 40 years, Suryia has applied anti-colonial intersectional feminism as an activist to confront racist misogyny against women and girls and the violence of forced migration. Suryia is currently the IGA Project Lead for Decolonizing the Curriculum of Group Analysis.

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