An opportunity for those with an interest in group analysis to develop their thinking alongside others in a creative group environment

2021-22 seminars will be online.   GAN hosts Friday meetings which are led by qualified group analysts. These meetings are open to all members of GAN and students on IGA courses. They provide an opportunity for those with an interest in group analysis to develop their thinking alongside others in a creative group environment.  Please click here for the seminar programme.

The Seminars are held in conjunction with the University of Manchester. They also form an integral part of the theory requirement of the IGA Qualifying Course in Group Analysis (Manchester) and IGA Diploma in Groupwork Practice (Manchester).

Seminar Focus

The focus for the seminars is “Applied Group Analysis” and topics recently covered have included: Eating Disorders; Academic Writing; Groupwork with Students; Staff Support Groups; Groups for Older People.

Venue Location

All seminars are online – the GAN administrator can provide the zoom links


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Course Fee

£75.00 per seminar (or book all 5 for discounted price of £250).
OR £25 per seminar for GAN members and students on IGA Courses. (GAN annual membership available for a fee of £60) click here for details

Course Content & Presenters

Title:  On Theories and Theorizing: A Critical Primer in Research Methods for Practitioners

Date: Friday 1st October 2021

Presenter: Brinley Yare

Brinley has a long-standing interest in teaching research design and practice. He completed his initial academic studies with a PhD in cultural history, which turned out to be unexpectedly good preparation for subsequent training and practice as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Having held a number of senior academic posts, he currently teaches research methodology as a staff member on the doctoral programme in Child and Adolescent Psycho-therapy at the Tavistock, and leads the ‘Experience and Evidence’ seminar series for IGA trainees in London. He works in private practice as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and clinical and research supervisor.

Title: Intersectionality, intersubjectivity and the position of the group analyst

Date: Friday 5th November 2021

Presenter: Stuart Stevenson

Stuart is MA Programme Lead and Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of East London.  A Group Analyst, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Organisational Consultant in private practice, he consults on strategic and service development, conflict resolution, team processes and the impact of trauma and risk on team dynamics.  He leads a national educational consultancy service on anti-oppressive education.  He consults to the courts and local authorities on complex child protection matters.  He has researched, published, and built theory regarding organisational dynamics and his current research is on international psycho-educational teaching methods to enhance anti-oppressive practice in social work and psychotherapy education and practice.

Title: On being pro and antisocial: group analysis and work with offenders

Date: Friday 4th February 2022

Presenter: Gwen Adshead

Gwen is a forensic psychiatrist and psychotherapist.  She trained at St George’s hospital and the Institute of psychiatry.  She is a qualified member of the IGA and trained in Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy and Mentalisation based therapy.  She has worked in secure psychiatric services and prisons for nearly 3 decades.  Gwen has published widely in the field of forensic psychotherapy and was visiting professor at Yale and at Gresham College.  She has also studied and written about ethics in mental health and in 2013 was awarded the President’s Medal for her work in this field.  In 2021, she published a book for a non-professional audience about forensic psychotherapy, called ‘The Devil You know’, co-authored with Eileen Horne. (Faber 2021).

Title: The Large Group – Theory and Practice

Date: Friday 11th March 2022

Presenter:  Gerhard Wilke

Gerhard is a Social Anthropologist, Group Analyst, Organisational Consultant and Coach with particularly wide-ranging experience as a large group specialist.  He is a Training Group Analyst in Germany, his home country, and an honorary fellow of both The International Association for Group Psychotherapy & Group Processes and The Royal College of General Practitioners.  He is the author of several books, including ‘How to be a good enough GP’ and ‘The Art of Group Analysis in Organisations’ and many published articles.

Title: Therapeutic Communities: – their origins, principles and practice today

Date: Friday 27th May 2022

Presenter: Victoria Gavin

Vicky is a Group Analyst and Registered Mental Nurse who trained as a painter and worked as an artist and designer before entering the nursing profession as an RMN, from where she trained as a Group Analyst whilst team leader at the Acorn Programme, a residential therapeutic community for women at The Retreat York. She was the Therapeutic Community Manager at HMP Send from December 2012 to August 2019 and subsequently undertook a similar role in a modified TC for men with intellectual disabilities at HMP Gartree, before her recent retirement from the prison service. She is Chair of Trustees of the Consortium for Therapeutic Communities and has been a TC specialist for the Community of Communities.