Higher Education Anti-Racism Training (HEART)

HEART was a collaborative venture between The Institute of Teaching and Learning at the University of Manchester and Group Analysis North (GAN).  It was an experiential training based on group analytic principles; supporting staff to have meaningful conversations about race and racism and move on to address these issues constructively in their own work.

The aim of HEART was to contribute to a culture where inter-cultural dynamics and power differentials could be discussed in thoughtful and brave ways. The stability of the group analytic frame offered the opportunity for challenging but creative work within and between the people who had signed up to be part of the first cohort (2021-2022). 

The project had 23 participants who were staff members (academic and administrative) in positions of strategic influence, taken from across the three faculties (i.e. Biology, Medicine and Health; Science and Engineering; and Humanities).

The HEART programme started in Oct 2021 and took place on a monthly basis, alternating between a half-day (seminar, median group, large group) and a median group only.

HEART concluded in September 2023. Participant learning and developments were evaluated and a report disseminated to stakeholders. 

Dr Adam Danquah (Senior Lecturer I Academic Director ClinPsyD I Associate Dean for Inclusive Education and Engagement)

Shireen Gaur (Group Analyst and Clinical Psychologist)

Erin Wilshaw (Project Manager)